In the Fall of 2013, the Principal of the new Stirling Public School talked with Stirling Rotarians regarding the possibility of assisting in the building of an Outdoor Classroom at the school. The school had plans that had been prepared but were looking for outside assistance in order to make their dream come true.
The Rotary Club of Stirling advised the school that they thought this was a worthwhile project and committed $20,000 to the $40,000 project. The school raised the additional amount. In addition to the donated amount, the Rotary Club also took on the project management as well as the final staining of the structure following its completion on the school site.
In the Spring of 2014, the project was started with the solicitation of bids for the building of the structure. The contract was awarded in June 2014 with the project to be completed by the first part of September so that it did not interfere with the children when they returned to school.

The installation of the Outdoor Classroom structure was completed by early September, on time and within budget. The following weekend Stirling Rotary Club members assembled at the site and stained the structure and ceiling with the stain colour selected by the school.

The Rotary Club of Stirling a large thankyou card from the school children for this project along with a photo of many children and teachers in front of the completed structure.